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Since the age of 13 when Tim started his first business, he has seen the world of business and the barriers to entry it poses completely change. No longer is does it require a huge amount of money to start and no longer do people need to spend years in a corporate setting before they start their own venture.

Tim has seen (and experienced) that something magical happens at the intersection between technology, communication and human ambition. People, Tim included, can build a business that solves real problems and provides transformational results for their customers and clients, all whilst being wildly profitable, highly scalable a lot of fun.

This website documents the stories, lessons and journey Tim experienced and aims to help other people build their own thriving business in the 21st century.

“Tim’s grounded approach to business really separates him from a lot of people who claim to be able to help grow businesses or run digital adverts. The fact he practices what he preaches with his own businesses gives him the edge.”


– Benjamin Daly



Floorfillers Entertainment

Floorfillers Entertainment provide top-rated DJs for weddings, private parties, corporate events and sports events across Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, Manchester and London.

Every event is different, and everyone’s music taste is unique. With this in mind, the team take a tailored approach to DJing. They never use set playlists. The DJs read the room and engage with the crowd to keep energy levels high. This way, they ensure the dance floor is full every time.

Established as Tim’s first business at the age of 13, Floorfillers Entertainment was where it all started and where he learned the skills necessary to start, grow and scale a business. From mastering the art of running paid digital advertising that generates leads and enquiries to building the back-end management systems and leading a team of people, this has been his labour of love from day one.

Over the past decade, Tim has honed the fundamental business skills required to take this business from a ‘one-man’ startup to a team of over 40+ DJs who now provide their services for hundreds of events across the UK each year.

Propel Digital Marketing

Propel Digital Marketing was born from Tim’s own journey of growth and success with Floorfillers Entertainment and the lessons he learned along the way. A digital marketing consultancy practice at heart, Propel Digital Marketing specialises in harnessing the power of digital advertising to drive new leads, enquiries and sales for their clients. They do this and are best known for running powerful advertising campaigns that turn the advertising spend into profitable sales. Ultimately, they help their clients start more conversations with their ideal clients.

Catering exclusively to local and service-based businesses that harbour ambitions of expansion, Propel Digital Marketing offers a unique blend of strategy, insight, and hands-on expertise. Their expertise is not just theoretical but grounded in real-world success, making them a reliable guide for local and service-based businesses seeking to amplify their presence and profitability.

What sets Propel apart is not just their ability to generate leads and drive enquiries and sales, but to understand the intricacies of digital landscapes and consumer behaviour. They don’t hide behind ‘likes and comments’, but are judged on their success by the ROI they generate for their clients. As a result, their clients see them as trusted ‘growth partners’ who add not just the ability to increase top-line revenue, but to advise on the bigger picture and how to optimise their offering, systems and delivery for maximum customer satisfaction and profit.

If you would like to find out more about how Propel Digital Marketing could help your business drive real growth and profit, click here to find out more.

Little Box of Lincolnshire

Having grown up in Lincolnshire, this venture of Tim’s provided local producers and businesses the opportunity to be part of a company that championed their products and helped them get their name out there.

Little Box of Lincolnshire emerged in 2017 and curated exquisite bespoke food and drink hampers filled with the finest Lincolnshire produce. This initiative proudly promoted the region’s exceptional food and drink artisans, offering personalised hampers that serve as unique gifts for company anniversaries, employee appreciation, and special celebrations.

Whilst Tim doesn’t actively promote this company at the current time, the firm roots he has created in the county and the strong relationships he has with suppliers mean that, should there be an opportunity to push all that his home county has to offer, he would certainly be open to the idea of creating another round of gorgeous and bespoke Lincolnshire hampers.


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